July 30, 2015

"Information services" AD reports profit before tax of 915K for the first half of 2015

"Information services" AD reports profit before tax at the amount of 915K, which represents profit increase more than 2 times, compared to budgeted results. The Company continues to develop and to strengthen its role on the Bulgarian IT market. The Company is the main IT system integrator of many public central and local administrations, as well as a partner of many corporate institutions developing their IT projects. The main focus of the Company is development and maintenance of information systems and IT services, as well as sales of own IT products and software.

For the first half of 2015, the Company has signed contracts with many new customers among them: the State Commission on Gambling for the upgrade and further development of new functionalities of the information system of the commission; Ministry of Justice for the development and implementation of electronic registries and another one for the audit of the technical and communication infrastructure of the Registry agency; Ministry of Youth and Sports for the audit of the IT and communication infrastructure; Ministry of labour and social policy for audit of the IT and communication infrastructure; many others for the design/redesign and development of web pages of state and government institutions.

The company reports increase of its revenues, compared to its budget, as well as cost optimization. The financial results of "Information services" AD for the period ending at 30.06.2015 show slight increase of the total revenue by 2% and decrease of all operational costs by 5%.

The management of the company is aiming at better financial performance for the second half of the 2015, compared to the first, thus strengthening company's success by building a successful future for the years ahead.