March 14, 2017

Information Services Jsc reports successful 2016

Information Services Jsc reports again a positive financial result. In 2016 the Company earned revenues of BGN 20.1M and reported annual profit of BGN 1.45M.

The results show growth in profit by 8% compared to the business plan for 2016, reduction of costs by 2%, profitability 7.2% as well as increase in profit per employee by 8%. The attraction of new clients and a number of measures taken by the corporate management for costs optimization, investing in training and qualification of employees contribute to the improvement of the financial indicators.

Among the new contracts for 2016, which were awarded to our company, are those for IT services system integration of the Ministry of the Finance for a period of 3 years, for computer processing of the data from the Presidential Elections and for the National Referendum, for maintenance and development of the INTRASTAT integrated system of the National Revenue Agency, for maintenance and operation of the national database for the population of GRAO (Civil Registration and Administrative Service) for a period of 3 years, for modernization of the Internet portal of the Ministry of the Interior, for maintenance of the server equipment, related equipment and information systems of the Ministry of Education and Science for a period of 3 years, review and analysis of the condition of the information and communication infrastructure, information systems, services and registers in Sector “Justice” of the Ministry of Justice and other contracts for the provision of consulting services in the field of ICT projects audit and management.

In 2016 Information Services Jsc became a certified partner to SAP - one of the world giants in the software industry and a main manufacturer of the ERP systems.

Information Services Jsc was the first company that started issuing electronic signatures in Bulgaria and permanently reduced the price for the service (25 % decrease for e-signatures and 40% decrease for the devices) and introduced issuing and the renewal of electronic signatures with validity of 3 years.

Thus the price for e-signature StampIt for a natural person is only BGN 12, VAT included.

In 2016 the revenues from the sale of e-signatures realized by the company mark a growth by 13% compared to 2015 and by 14% compared to 2014. The number of the issued and renewed electronic signatures in 2016 increased by 11% compared to 2015 and by 29% compared to 2014.

The measures taken in 2015 for the purpose of reduction of the basic expenses, connected with optimization of the administrative team of the company are efficient and in 2016 expenses for fuel and maintenance of the fleet of motor vehicles decreased by 15%, the expenses for consumables decreased by 26%, expenses for heat power and electric power supply decreased by over 15% and for communication services by 16% compared to 2015. A part of the savings has been reinvested for modernization of the work environment and for social benefits for the employees.

For the purpose of maintenance and development of the technological infrastructure, which is the foundation for the processes of provision of IT services, in 2016 were realized a number of investments for renewal of the process equipment including delivery of equipment for protection from cyber attacks.

Information Services Jsc continues investing in the training of its team, which is the most valuable resource of the company. In pursuance of the programme for professional qualification over 100 experts attended internationally certified courses and passed examinations for certification, including for project management, business processes modelling and management, programming, ICT resources virtualization, network and information security, etc.

Information Services Jsc is among the technological leaders in the field of provision of high-tech services in the ICT sector in Bulgaria.

The company specializes in the building, development and maintenance of information systems of national importance among which the information systems for management of revenues from local taxes and fees, the main information systems of the National Revenue Agency including the public services of the agency, the systems of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Agency and is a technological partner to the Central Elections Committee.