Information Services Jsc is one of the largest ICT companies in Bulgaria. Our teams develop and maintain some of the most crucial information systems in the state. We developed a great deal of the e-services that are used by millions of citizens and organizations every day.
Our solutions:
  • Local taxes and fees – more than 200 municipal administrations serving over 5 000 000 local population
  • System and communication provision in more than 300 different locations throughout the country
  • Serving over 500 communication devises and more than 400 communication lines
  • Administer and maintain more than 10 000 workstations and over 600 server configurations with crucial functionality
  • Servicing the national revenue management system and CRAS (Civil Registration and Administrative Service): more than 200 000 declarations are monthly submitted to the NRA system
  • The first e-signature provider in Bulgaria
  • Developed e-learning system for civil service employees
 What we offer to our colleagues
  • Work on long-term projects for development and improvement of information systems of national importance
  • Opportunities for qualifications upgrade – internal and external trainings, visiting specialized conferences, examinations for professional qualifications, investing in university graduation, trainees mentoring etc.
  • Teamwork with leading specialists
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Opportunities to work from all the 27 company offices in the regional cities across the country

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