April 04, 2018

Sustainable increase of the effective activity for Information Services JSC in 2017

In 2017 Information Services realized revenues of BGN 21 million, profit of BGN 1.45 million and profitability of 7%.

These data support the fact that the tendency, started in 2013, for a sustainable increase in the effective activity of the company is ongoing.

The labor efficiency index (monthly income per employee) is 4% higher compared to the business plan for 2017 and 9% higher than the previous year.

The profit per employee is 6% more than the benchmarks in the 2017 business plan and 5% higher than the previous year.

For a five year period (2013-2017) a trend of an increase in the income and profit per employee is observed as well as an increase in the average salary and a decrease in the number of employees.

The indexes of labor efficiency and income per employee mark 20 % growth. The average salary increased by over 30% for the period and the number of employees decreased by 11%. The decrease in the staff number is due to the processes of administrative servicing optimization in the company through their centralization. The funds are redeployed to wages of employees with key competences and to recruiting new highly qualified experts in the company team.

Information Services is specialized in building and maintenance of information systems of national importance. Among the new contracts, concluded and executed during 2017 are such as monitoring and managing the information and communication infrastructure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, modernizing the Internet portal of the Ministry of Interior, creating and technical maintenance of an internet site plus a mobile application for the Ministry of Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018, computer processing of data from Members of Parliament elections.

In 2017 the company successfully passed an audit, which assessed the compliance of the qualified certification service provider to the Regulation (EU) № 910/2014 of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and of the Council on the electronic identification and authentication of electronic communications in the internal market (eIDAS). This document issued by the French certification body LSTI SAS is a further confirmation for the European level of the services that are offered by Information Services.


Information Services JSC is among the leaders in the field of providing high-tech services in the ICT sector in Bulgaria.

The company is specialized in building, developing and maintenance of information systems of a national importance. Among them are the information systems of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the system for managing the revenue from the local taxes and fees, the main information systems of NRA including the public services of the Agency, the systems of the Ministry of Finance and Customs Agency. The company is a CEC technology partner.