December 18, 2018

Renewed Office for StampIT customers

Starting today, December 18th, 2018, the new front office of Information Services JSC on 2 Panayot Volov Str. welcomes clients in a completely transformed, modern and cozy environment.

The absolute change happened in a record-breaking short time, in less than 60 days. Initially all the partition walls were unbuilt and then in the newly open space gradually the new working places got shaped, all in the latest European architectural trends.

The reconstruction made it possible to increase the number of the working places in the office so that the StampIT customers can get faster and better service.


Information Services JSC is among the technological leaders in the field of provision of high-tech services in the ICT sector in Bulgaria.

The company specializes in the building, development and maintenance of information systems of national importance. Among them are the information systems of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the local taxes and fees revenues managing system, the main information systems of the National Revenue Agency including the public services of the agency, the systems of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Agency. Information Services is a technological partner to the Central Elections Commission.