May 30, 2019

The computer processing of the 2019 European Parliament elections is over

Information Services ended the computer processing of the elections of members of the European Parliament from the Republic of Bulgaria in 2019.

Following the requirements of the Electoral Code and CEC decisions the company carried out activities, such as:

  • Creating websites of the Regional Electoral Commissions and providing their maintenance;
  • An electronic service for submitting voting requests about voting out of the country. The service benefitted more than 8 600 Bulgarians living abroad;
  • Real-time live streaming of CEC and REC sittings. The broadcasts of the commissions sittings were watched in real-time by thousands of viewers around the world;
  • Scanning all the SEC and REC protocols and publishing them on Internet – the total amount excesses 12 000;
  • All the CEC and REC online resources were made accessible through mobile devices;
  • Integrating the data from machine voting and their presenting on Internet;
  • Publishing the processing information in the form of open data.

During these elections in the computer processing took part more than 750 specialists, located in 32 computing centers all over the country.

The operators entered more than 10 000 000 numbers in the database.

The CEC website was reviewed by over 200 000 unique users who have successfully reviewed more than 66 000 000 individual pages.


Information Services JSC is among the technological leaders in the field of provision of high-tech services in the ICT sector in Bulgaria.

The company specializes in building, development and maintenance of information systems of national importance. Among them are the information systems of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the local taxes and fees revenues managing system, the main information systems of the National Revenue Agency including the public services of the agency, the systems of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Agency. Information Services is a technological partner to the Central Elections Commission.