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June 01, 2022

Almost 80,000 e-examinations have been registered in one day through NHIS

The total number of registered electronic examinations by general practitioners and specialists in outpatient care through the National Health Information System (NHIS) in one day exceeded 80,000. This is an absolute record since the launch of the module in January 2022, when an average of 15,000 e-examinations per day were registered. Furthermore, almost 40,000 e-referrals have been registered today. In comparison, since the launch of the e-referral on 8 December 2020, an average of some 1,000 electronic documents have been issued per day.

Today, new functionalities have been successfully implemented in the NHIS, which enable issuance of e-referrals for consultation, specialized activities, medical expertise and hospitalization. Electronic referrals fully replace the paper equivalents that have been used so far. A nomenclature for reporting results to the NHIS for medical-diagnostic activities from referrals for laboratory procedures has been developed and fully built. Updated versions of modules for e-prescription and e-examinations have been implemented in the system.

"With the implementation of the new functionalities in the NHIS we complete the digitalization of outpatient care," the Information Services JSC' CEO Ivaylo Filipov said. According to him, this is an extremely important step towards the introduction of e-health in Bulgaria, which significantly improves the quality of healthcare services and allows institutions to make timely strategic management decisions.

The new functionalities of the system allow doctors and laboratories to send laboratory procedures results directly to NHIS and thus they are available in the patient's e-medical record. Data in the electronic medical record is accessible only by a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and is available to the patient at any time of the day. Thus, every health insured person has the results of his examinations, medical exams, prescribed medicines, issued e-prescriptions etc.

Part of the software developers, that offer medical software have not yet integrated their products with the NHIS or have not updated their customers’ software, which creates difficulties in the issueing of e-documents through the system. On the other hand, some general practitioners and outpatient care professionals have not been trained by their software providers to operate with e-referrals and have to learn on the go, which slows down their work. Information Services JSC has provided all the necessary information for running timely trainings and for updating clients’ software several months ago.

"The next big step for the e-health in Bulgaria is the full digitalization of hospital care, which is scheduled for August and September," Ivaylo Filipov said.


About Information Services JSC

Information Services JSC is the Bulgarian national system integrator of the state administration. The company creates, develops, maintains, and monitors the operability of information systems of national importance. Information Services JSC is a major partner of state institutions and implements key projects of strategic importance for Bulgaria. The company is a leader on the Bulgarian market in the development, implementation and maintenance of new technological solutions. It is as well the first certified provider of Qualified electronic signature services in Bulgaria and is a long term technological partner of Central Election Commission. Information Services JSC has a branch structure that covers all the regional cities in Bulgaria. The company employs over 580 highly qualified experts in various fields of the ICT sector.  The company is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001: 2015 for quality management, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 for information security management, ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011 for management of the provided IT services and LSTI N ° 1642-131-V1 .0 for the issuance and management of qualified certificates for electronic signatures, electronic seals and qualified electronic time stamps.