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June 29, 2022

Over 3.5 million e-examinations have been issued through NHIS

The total number of e-examinations, registered through the National Health Information System (NHIS) in electronic format haveexceeded 3.5 million in less than 6 months. Data shows that from June 1, 2022, more than 100,000 electronic examinations, on average per day have been registered by more than 6,600 medical practices across the country, and the total number of doctors using the new functionality of the system exceeds 13,000. The “E-examination” module provides complete electronic documentation and storage of all carried out medical examinations. E-examinations have been issued in all 28 RHIFs, and the most active are the medical practices in Sofia, Varna, Sofia region and Pazardzhik.

The most frequent primary diagnosis (over 385,000) is a hypertensive heart without heart failure, NHIS data shows. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus has been reported as a primary diagnosis inmore than 64,400 cases, hypertensive heart with heart failure accounts forover 63,800, and essential primary hypertension - over 62,000.

"Thanks to e-examinations, all patients and authorized health professionals have full traceability of diseases, diagnoses, prescribed therapies, laboratory tests, etc.," said the CEO of Information Services Ivaylo Filipov. According to him, the company has developed additional functionality for adding medical documents that are created outside the NHIS. "Through " E-examination "each doctor can track the complete history of a disease and that waives the obligation of patients to submit folders with printed test results, case histories and outpatient lists," added Filipov.

The “E-referral” module also shows impressive results. So far, over 1.1 million referrals for laboratory tests have been issued through the NHIS, and on average about 30,000 documents are beingregistered per day. In less than a month since the introduction ofnew functionalities of the system, some 600,000 e-referrals for specialists, over 60,000 documents for highly specialized activities, 27,000 e-referrals for expert medical assessment and 15,000 for hospitalization have been issued. They completely replace the paper equivalents used so far.

A total of 4.6 million are the electronic immunizations issued through the NHIS. They are registered daily into the system by nearly 5,000 doctors. More than 150,000 e-immunizations, included in the National mandatory Immunisation schedule have been issued.

"After the completion of the digitalization in outpatient care, the efforts of" Information Services "JSC are focused entirely on the introduction of electronic services in hospital care," said Ivaylo Filipov. According to him, in August the paper referrals for hospitalization and medical case histories of patients will be replaced by electronic equivalents.

About Information Services JSC

Information Services JSC is the Bulgarian national system integrator of the state administration. The company creates, develops, maintains, and monitors the operability of information systems of national importance. Information Services JSC is a major partner of state institutions and implements key projects of strategic importance for Bulgaria. The company is a leader on the Bulgarian market in the development, implementation and maintenance of new technological solutions. It is as well the first certified provider of Qualified electronic signature services in Bulgaria and is a long term technological partner of Central Election Commission. Information Services JSC has a branch structure that covers all the regional cities in Bulgaria. The company employs over 580 highly qualified experts in various fields of the ICT sector.  The company is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001: 2015 for quality management, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 for information security management, ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011 for management of the provided IT services and LSTI N ° 1642-131-V1 .0 for the issuance and management of qualified certificates for electronic signatures, electronic seals and qualified electronic time stamps.