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Childcare facilities

“Electronic admission for first grade”

The solution is intended to automate the processes of registration and editing of an application for admission, as well as automated centralized ranking in the first grade of municipal primary, elementary and secondary schools. The solution is based on three modules:

Public – information website for parents. Parental profile – access to the registered application with the possibility of:

  • Data editing;
  • Download an up-to-date application;
  • Application history;
  • Application status;

School – intended for the school staff

Provides of toolkit for:

  • Registration of an application;
  • Editing an application;
  • Tracking of the application history;
  • Enrollment of ranked children;
  • Electronic file;
  • Reports for registered, ranking, confirmed and unconfirmed applications;

Municipal - intended for the specialists from the Education Department in the municipality.

Provides of toolkit for:

  • Registration of an application;
  • Announcement of ranking;
  • Announcement of vacancies;
  • Perform ranking:
  • Output of regulated reports on admission;
  • Tracking of the application history;  


“Electronic admission in nursery, kindergarten and reception groups”

 The solution is intended to automate the processes of registration and editing of an application for admission, as well as automated centralized ranking in the nursery, kindergarten and reception groups.

The implementation provides:

  • Transparency of the admission;
  • A unified database of children, allowing the output of detailed and timely regulated reports on admissions and providing an opportunity for timely quality management solutions.
  • A new e-service to the citizens of the municipality.
  • Unification of the admission process in all kindergartens of the municipality;
  • Better awareness of the citizens through development of public website for admission;

“Cute baby” and “Happy childhood”

The solution is intended for the work process in nurseries and kindergartens and automate the activities as follows:

  • Children’s attendance register;
  • Employees’ attendance register;
  • Electronic log book - according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • Keeping track of the physical development of the children from nursery age;
  • Public module for parents;

“Daily food allowance”

Nutrition management in nurseries, kindergartens, schools and children’s diary kitchens. The system manages the nutrition of children and staff of the childcare facility. Supports different modes of work and staff of the childcare facility – with a calculated amount for daily food allowance /with a fixed amount for daily food allowance/ by name. Displays regulated reports for the daily food allowance separately and collectively for all consumers.

A toolkit for the management of three warehouses is proposed:

  • Food warehouse;
  • Packing warehouse;
  • Warehouse for hygienic materials
  • Recipes from three miscellanies are introduced:
  • For children’s dairy kitchen and nursery – from 0 up to 3 years old
  • For kindergarten - from 0 up to 5 years old and from 5 up to 7 years old
  • For schoolchildren – from 6 up to 10 years old
  • Recipes are introduced with the nutritional values and chemical composition of one portion. A toolkit for introducing allergens to each recipe is provided.

The solution has been implemented in over 70 municipalities and supports the work of employees in over 700 kindergartens.


“Electronic admission in SPDC”

Digitalization of the processes of registration and editing of an application for admission to the centers for support and personal development (municipal children's complex).

Web-based application with a public module for parents, a module for head teachers of schools and a module for the management of the center.

Provides toolkit for:

  • Registration of an application for admission:
  • Casting invitation;
  • Casting results;
  • Lists of ranked children in schools;


“Virtual Kitchen”

Solution for online sale of coupons for children’s dairy kitchen and school canteen.


  • Easy and fast
  • At a time, convenient for the parent.
  • Using a smartphone or a computer.
  • New electronic service for subscribers of the service in the municipality.

From his/her profile, the subscriber can request food vouchers, pay them electronically or at a cash desk of "EasyPay".

Subscribers receive reports on requested and purchased vouchers. They have the opportunity to track their payments and the spending of purchased vouchers.  

In their profile, each parent receives information about the daily menu, with specified nutritional values and allergens for each dish.    

  • Up – to date information.
  • Opportunity for previous periods reports.
  • Nutritional values and allergens – additional awareness.

The administrative module of the platform provides to the employees in the children's nutrition complexes a toolkit for displaying regulated reports on the requested and purchased online vouchers from the subscribers.

The system automates the daily processes in the complexes related to subscribers’ management, preparation of food requests and voucher accountability:

  • Registration/Editing/Activation/Unsubscribing subscribers;
  • Cash payment when purchasing vouchers on a site in CNC;
  • Setting up the working days and a period for purchasing vouchers;
  • Preparation of daily menu;
  • Vouchers’ report for the day on daily basis;
  • Application/Order/Vouchers’ report/, Protocol for expired goods and etc.;
  • Payment reports – for date/per period/by subscribers/by places, number, etc.
  • Vouchers’ report - for date/per period/by subscribers/by places and etc.;
  • Subscribers’ reports – status/activity/by places and etc.