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Information Systems

Custom information systems

Architecture, development, implementation and maintanance of information systems, data bases, large scale corporate systems.


The National Health Information System centralizes and digitizes processes in hospital and outpatient care. It provides a unified and secure storage for all patient medical data and increases the efficiency of the healthcare system. NISIS completely abolishes paper documents.

National information system to fight against COVID -19

The system provides functional assurance of all activities related to the fight against COVID-19. Monitors the objective condition of sick persons, maintains an up-to-date register of sick persons, etc.

National Registry to fight against COVID-19

The national registry to fight against COVID-19 maintains up-to-date information on persons who appear as confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, with a positive PCR result or antigen test. Data have been entered for persons who are isolated in a medical facility or in home conditions.

Covid-19 United portal

The united portal is the official source of information on measures to fight the spread of COVID-19, including health, economic and social consequences of the pandemic. The portal publishes news related to COVID-19, current statistics of cases, etc.

Register of vaccinated persons

The system maintains up-to-date information on the administered COVID-19 vaccines, including information about the patient who received the vaccine, the doctor who administered the vaccine, as well as information about the administered dose, on which date has been administrated, on which date the next dose is due, name of the vaccine, batch number, etc.

Registration system for vaccinations

The platform enables anyone, who wants, to choose a vaccination center in the country, day and time of immunization against COVID-19 and to request a preferred vaccine. The system suggests an interactive map of Bulgaria, which shows the vaccination centers and an up-to-date schedule with working hours.


The information system for control of medical expertise serves the entire process of certification and re-certification of patients with permanent disability before the bodies of medical expertise. The system maintains an electronic profile of all persons who have been or are subject to the medical examination.


Through the Information System for control and monitoring of decisions on temporary incapacity for work, automation, traceability and control of the process of analysis of documents for temporary incapacity of persons is achieved. The system allows collection of information flows from the systems of NEМC, NSSI and NHIF.

Medicines protocol processing system

The developed platform digitizes the process, which improves and increases the efficiency of the control by the NHIF on prescribing, dispensing and spending expensive medicinal products.


Court Case Management System is a platform for managing court cases. The system covers all 153 courts. CCMS is composed of 19 functional and 19 system modules. Work processes in the judicial system have been unified and uniform rules have been introduced for case management.


Centralized Automated Information System „Electronic Public Procurement“ completely digitizes the process from public procurement planning to the awarding and management of contracts. It has a total of 32 modules that ensure publicity, transparency and better monitoring of the public procurement market.

Public procurement register

The public procurement register is a searchable database by keywords, public procurement code, unique procurement number, deadline for receipt of participation documentation. It has been developed as part of the CAIS EPP.

Tobacco ID

A software system for requesting and providing unique identifiers for marking tobacco products. The system allows registration of economic operators and operators of retail sales shops, as well as factories and production equipment of tobacco products.

BDZ ticketing system

The centralized system for real time issuing and booking tickets of „BDZ Passenger Services" has been implemented, including online ticketing and electronic payments. The system allows real-time ticketing and direct train validation. The platform is integrated with the NRA.


The integrated financial and information system for municipalities is based on the main modular components of SAP. It facilitates and unifies the accounting processes of municipalities in Bulgaria. The platform eliminates the subjective factor in the application of regulations.

ISMM 2007-2013

The system serves the business processes for managing activities in the operational programs of the EU in Bulgaria. All governors take participation in it. The system allows beneficiaries to be informed about all stages of management of projects financed by European Structural Funds monetary instrument.

Revenue Management System for NRA

The main system of the NRA, which serves the budget revenue management activities. The platform serves millions transactions per month and is used by all NRA business departments. It provides quality, efficient and easily accessible electronic services for citizens and businesses.

SAP platform for financial management in the Council of Ministers

The integrated financial information system covers 40 departments, including the Administration of the Council of Ministers, the 28 regional administrations and secondary budget managers. The system uses the main modular components of SAP.


Bulgarian integrated customs information system enables the automated processing of documents for all types customs procedures and regimes, regulated by European and national customs legislation. The system can handle over 10 million customs documents per year. 

Information system of General Labor Inspectorate

The system optimizes management and monitoring of the control activity of the General Labor Inspectorate in relation to working conditions in enterprises. The platform is integrated with Registry Agency, the Bulstat Register, the NRA, NSSI, MLSP, etc.

Local taxes and fees (MATEUS)

The system serves the processes of administration of local taxes and fees in Bulgarian municipalities, including all areas of Sofia Municipality. It is provided free of charge to municipalities by Ministry of Finance. A web-based application for online payables check has also been developed.

Electoral Information Systems

Information Services carries out computer processing of all elections in Bulgaria since 2003 until now. A unique system, that meets the highest security requirements and algorithms for information correctness, has been developed.

USCRASP Information System

The company supports and develops the unified system for civil registration and administrative services of the population – USCRASP. It operates at the national, regional and municipal level. It is a national automated information system with official data for every citizen. 

SAP system in Ministry of Finance

The financial management information system is a SAP-based system that operates in the Ministry of Finance and all secondary authorities. Among them are all executive agencies of the certification authority, all governing bodies, etc.

System for machine voting of BCPEA

The system is being used by Bulgarian chamber of private enforcement agents in voting and processing the results for the election of the governing bodies of the Chamber. The system is based on an original technological solution of Information Services. Security is guaranteed by an electronic signature.

Hematology Centers Information System

The system covers the entire process from registration of blood donors, through donation, test, processing of blood products, storage, quarantine, labeling and shipment of blood, blood components and products. It maintains electronic registers of donors and recipients.

Register of PЕА

A register of public sales by private enforcement agents and a register of active PEAs have been developed, with information on active PSIs and those who have lost legal capacity. The register can be searched by registration number, town and name of private enforcement agent. 

Register of organic farmers

Information Services JSC has developed an Electronic register of producers, processors and traders of agricultural products and foods, produced in compliance with organic farming rules. Through the register, each organic farmer can confirm entered by controlling authorities’ data.