Страница Projects

Information Systems

Custom information systems

Architecture, development, implementation and maintanance of information systems, data bases, large scale corporate systems.

State Rails

Developed a comprehensive system to support the process of ticket-issuing in all fron offices of the State Rails (BDZ), including online ticket-issuing.

UMIS System

The system implements the business processes managing the activities under the EU funds in Bulgaria. All governing bodies are included in it and there are interfaces for a host of EU systems and agencies: SFC2007, ОLAF, etc.

Revenue Management System

The key system of the NRA that services the budget revenue management operations. The System services millions of transactions monthly and all Business directorates of the NRA work with it.


Bulgarian Integrated Customs Information System allows for automated processing of customs documentation for all types of customs regimes regulated by the European and national Customs legislation.

General Labour Inspectorate

The system optimizes the management and monitoring of control bodies according working conditions in enterprises. The system is integrated with the Trade Register, BULSTAT Register, NRA, NSSI and MLSP.

Judical Administration System

The system automates the activities of magistrates and court officials in different units/departments of the regional, administrative and appellate courts. It has been implemented in over 85% of courts in Bulgaria.

Local taxes and fees (MATEUS)

The system services the processes related to the administration of the local taxes and fees in over 210 Bulgarian municipalities including all regions in Sofia.

Election Information Systems

Information Services has been in charge of the computer processing of all elections in Bulgaria since 2003. The company has developed a unique modular system, which meets the highest information security requirements and algorithms for accuracy of the processed information.

ESGRAON Information System

Supports the National Citizens Database.

Information System for Financial Management in MoF

The system operates in the Ministry of Finance, all secondary budget handlers at the Ministrer of Finance, as well as all managing bodies and intermediate units of the operational programs under the Structural Funds and the Cohesion FUND.

Electronic Voting System

Used by the Chamber of private enforcement agents, the system allows for the selection and processing of the results of the governing bodies of the Chamber thanks to specialized machines and software specifically developed for the purpose.

Blood Donation Centers

Information system for transfusion centers. Covering the entire process from registration of blood donors during the donation, testing, processing of blood products, storage, quarantine, labeling and shipment of blood, blood components and products. Maintain electronic registers of donors and recipients.