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Digital services developed for our customers

NRA Mobile Application

NRA mobile application offers checking health insurance status, VAT registration, tax calendar, search offices of the NRA and MDT throughout the country and registration of receipts for participation in lottery kasovbon.bg

Timber Auctions

The platform for online tendering procedures for the sale of wood is introduced in the southwestern state company, Blagoevgrad. The system handles all steps of planning tenders in conducting, online participation in bidding and announcement of the buyer. All documents - both by buyers and by companies that sell timber are signed with electronic signature.

Railways online ticket issue

System for online booking and ticketing for BDZ Passenger Transport. The system allows complete online process, including search routes, schedules of trains, reservation, issue and payment of tickets with a debit or credit card.

General Labour Inspectorate

Online services provided by the General Labour Inspectorate

National Revenue Agency E-services

The company has set up a portal for protected electronic transfer of information between the NRA, the citizens and the business (filling of declarations, applications, including the payment of due taxes).

Secure TimeStamp

A system for secure time signature provided by the StampIt certification service.