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Digital services developed for our customers

NRA Mobile Application

The NRA mobile application offers checking of health insurance status, VAT registration, tax calendar, search for NRA and LTF offices in the country, as well as registration of cash receipts for participation in the kasovbon.bg lottery.

eRx Mobile Application

eRx enables doctors, who are members of Bulgarian Medical Association, to issue electronic prescriptions through a smartphone or tablet when they do not have access to a computer with medical software.

eZdrave Mobile Application

The application provides users access to their personal patient record and to all available electronic health documents in the NHIS - examinations, referrals, prescriptions, vaccines, laboratory test results, general health information, etc.

Mobile application COVID-19 Border Crossing Point

A mobile application for the needs of General Directorate Border Police, which facilitates access control and quarantine of persons passing through border checkpoints in Bulgaria.

Мobile application for scanning COVID certificates

COVID CHECK BG is the official Bulgarian mobile application for scanning EU Digital Covid Certificate. It can be used to verify certificates of visitors in restaurants, halls, cinemas, theaters, sports events, etc.

Mobile application for the needs of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018

Information Services has developed an application that provides information related to the Presidency, intended for the general public and practitioners.

Electronic Timber Auctions

The platform for electronic sale of timber processes all steps from auction planning, through execution, online bidding and buyer announcement. Bids are certified through a secure time signature- Secure TimeStamp.

Electronic platform for sale of state properties

The developed platform covers the sale of properties, which are private-state property, and properties of commercial companies with more than 50 percent state participation in the capital of the relevant company.

Secure TimeStamp

The system of secure time signature- Secure TimeStamp - is offered by certificate service provider StampIt. The service verifies whether an electronic document for which an electronic time stamp has been issued has not been modified after the date and time of its authentication

Request to vote at current address

Provision of a public electronic service under Art. 36 para. 1 of the Election Code for requesting to vote at a current address for the elections for MPs on 02.10.2022. Through the portal inquiries can be made by PIN or address for the number of the polling station and the polling place.