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The Professional Training Center at Information Services is the first center for IT professional training in Bulgaria.

The Professional Training Center organizes courses on computer literacy, work with different operating systems, programming languages, databases, publishing systems and networking.

Trainers at the center possess significant experience, high qualifications and certificates from leading software companies in the world.

CISCO Academy

Information Services enables participation in the CISCO Networking Academy program. It provides the participators the opportunity to be certified for working with networks by a CISCO Associate and to obtain an internationally recognized certificate for CISCO Certified Networking Associate (CCNA). The certificates are internationally recognized.

There are 5 CISCO Academies of Information Services in Bulgaria. Training is divided into 4 semesters.

CISCO Academy offers 1-semester or 70-study-hour courses in CCNA Security.

Training at the Professional Training Center and CISCO Academies comprises of:

Theoretical part - lectures, seminars, demonstrations
Practical exercises with computer and network equipment
Hand-outs and study materials
Our wide network of 27 professional training centers covers all district cities on the territory of Bulgaria.

For more information: training.is-bg.net

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