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Development of Information Systems

Information Services has rich experience in development of information systems for clients from the corporate sector and the public administration. The company's software teams use products of Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle which have won recognition to develop quality solutions.

Information Services Plc is experienced in the implementation of

  • Management Information Systems;
  • Optimization of Business Processes;
  • Solutions for Corporate Network Information Security;
  • Data Processing Systems, Registers;
  • Internal Corporate Systems for Operational Processes Organization;
  • Capital Management;
  • Business Analyses;
  • Human Resources Management Systems.

Systems developed by Information Services Plc include:

Financial Systems

  • Budget Planning and Control System for Budget Organizations;
  • Electronic Bank Payment System;
  • Financial Information Exchange System;
  • Financial Reporting System.

High Security Level Systems

  • System for Computer Processing of Election Data;
  • System for Classified Access to Databases of Environments Requiring High Level of Information Security;
  • Financial Information Exchange System.


  • National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria - Register of Senior Public Officials;
  • National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria - Register of Political Parties;
  • Register of Currency Exchanges;
  • Register of Prices of Products from Domestic Production and Imports;
  • Electronic Commercial Register Delphi;
  • On-line Systems for the Needs of the Tax Administration, the Judicial Administrative System, the Customs, Customer Feedback System.

Business Processes

  • System for Monitoring the Strategic Processes of Organizations Management.