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Administration and Maintenance of IS

Information Services provides administration, support and assistance with administration and maintenance of local/LAN and remote/WAN networks, information and communication systems and management systems.

The administration and maintenance of information systems team includes highly qualified specialists who have successfully passed trainings by Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. The services provided by our professionals guarantee uninterrupted, reliable and user-friendly communication environment. As our clients you can count on maximum speed of service, problem solving within shortest terms and provision of reliable solutions to eliminate the danger of data loss.

Information Services provides the following information systems administration and maintenance services:

Maintenance of User Workstations

Includes telephone or on-site consultations, maintenance of system software, installation and setup of peripheral devices, maintenance of user's part of application systems, hardware and software maintenance and diagnostics, antivirus protection and consumables recharging.

System Administration of Workstations and Peripherals

The service includes registration of new users, deregistration of obsolete users, user change and printer administration for common access.

Installation, Configuration and Diagnostics of Servers

Information Services provides administration of server operating systems and re-engineering of installations, database management systems administration, periodic control of reference parameters and performance of operating systems and database management systems, periodic database backup, general control of surrounding technological environment, archiving of server and router operating systems' security logs.

The service also includes periodic systematic back-up of server file systems, administration of disk space for common use and extension of file systems, updating of operating systems and database management systems and provision of anti-virus protection.

Maintenance of Local and Remote Networks and Internet

Information Services' clients can benefit from maintenance of active network devices, structured wiring systems and routers maintenance.

Administration and Maintenance of Application Systems

Our team with many years of experience provides periodic monitoring of the applied systems functioning, installed application systems or packages updating, development and administration of new information structures, support and database checks on users, administration of user access to system servers of local networks, existing user profiles updating, organization and maintenance of information systems backup.