Information Services is the National System Integrator of the Republic of Bulgaria and a trusted partner to the public administration. The company executes key projects of strategic importance for Bulgaria and is a leader in the development, implementation and maintenance of new technology solutions for central and local administration.

We are dedicated to creating the country's digital future and continuously improving processes, IT infrastructures and information systems of national importance. The services we offer include system integration, information systems development, information systems administration and maintenance, communication and network solutions, monitoring and protecting from cyber attacks, infrastructure, training, consulting, etc. The company is specialized in SOC-as-a-Service and has an in-house security monitoring center that operates 24/7 to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate and respond to cyber incidents.

Information Services has a full membership of the European Association of Public IT Service Providers - EURITAS.

Information Services is the first certified authentication service provider in Bulgaria.

The company operates throughout the whole country with a branch network in all regional cities of Bulgaria. Information Services employs more than 640 highly qualified experts in different areas of the ICT sector. We invest in our employees and their professional development by providing a high-tech environment, relevant certification trainings and hands-on professional realization.

Information Services is the preferred partner of the world's leading IT vendors and suppliers.


Dedicated to creating the state's digital future and continuously improving processes, IT infrastructures and information systems of national importance


We create the conditions for a transparent and modern IT transformation in the public administration


The history of Information Services dates back to 1970 when State Economic Unit MOSI was established. In 1974 the unit was transformed to Scientific and Production Association "Automation". Three years later, in 1977 was established the Unified System for Social Information Committee (USSIC), which integrated the statistical activities it the state and the Unified System for Social Information (USSI). Based on USSIC, the Social Information Committee (SIC) was established in 1984, which in 1986 gave rise to the Economic Unit "Information Services". In the years to come Information Service was first transformed into a state-owned company, then into a single member joint-stock company (EAD) with public participation and finally in 1997 the organization became Information Services.



We have the capacity to develop new and creative products, services and processes that can improve people's lives and increase the efficiency of institutions. We succeed both with technological breakthroughs and with new social or business models.


We maintain a strong reputation for healthy growth, superior quality and customer-focused innovation.


A trusted partner to the state administration and business, we provide quality products and services with high added value. We continuously invest in workplace security, data protection and cybersecurity.


We provide clear information about processes, products and services, clear rules and procedures, we offer openness in dealing with customers and partners.


We are dedicated to everything we do. We set clear goals and focus our efforts, attention and energy on meeting them. We are not fearing the new and the unknown, but accepting challenges with willingness and a responsible attitude.