The Centralized Automated Information System "Electronic Public Procurement" achieves full transparency and traceability of actions, better monitoring of public expenditure and elimination of the possibility of bid-rigging by both contracting authorities and participants.
CAIS EPP has a total of 32 functional modules that ensure publicity, transparency and better monitoring on the public procurement market in the country. The platform enables better tracking of procurement processes, reduced administrative burden, simplified and shortened procedures and significant savings for all the participants. The system completely eliminates the need to carry paper documents to the various institutions - contracting authorities, which saves time and money. The system operates in 24x7 mode and provides the participants with the opportunity to submit offers at a time and place convenient for them, without having to consider the working hours of the administration. The participants themselves encrypt their bids with an asymmetric cryptographic key and only they can provide the decryption key, which guarantees the security of the data and bids submitted.