On 21 February 2023, the Euronews Bulgaria journalist Christian Yulzari sent to Information Services questions related to ticket vending machines of BDZ - Passenger Transport. We are publishing the questions sent and the answers of Information Services.


Has Information Services AD received a formal request from BDZ - Passenger Transport Ltd to develop software for ticket vending machine? If yes, when was the request made?

Information Services has not received a formal request from BDZ-Passenger Transport Ltd to develop software for ticket vending machine.


When the work to develop the software for the ticket vending machines purchased by BDZ was completed by Information Services?

Information Services is not a contractor under such a contract.


Was the software to be used for the vending machines for the sale of BDZ paper transport documents developed on assignment by the railway carrier or was it an initiative of Information Services which did not bind BDZ - Passenger Transport Ltd in any way to use the information system that was developed?

Whatever software is to be developed for the operation of the ticket vending machines, this software must be linked to the centralised ticketing system of BDZ - Passenger Transport Ltd.


Is Information Services JSC the only developer of electronic systems in the country?

There are many companies on the market that develop electronic systems for the state administration authorities. Detailed information can be found in the Public Procurement Register https://app.eop.bg/today.


Can BDZ - Passenger Transport Ltd outsource the development of ticketing software using the purchased vending machines to another private company through a public procurement?

Your question is within the competence of BDZ - Passenger Transport Ltd.