In connection with the information published in some media today regarding leaked communications between the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Electronic Governance, Mr. Mihail Stoynov, and the Executive Director of Information Services, Mr. Ivaylo Filippov, we state the following:

  1. An e-mail message with similar content does not exist and what was published in the media from the sent signal is false.
  2. In the analysis of the source code, which has been published today in some media, made by the company's experts, it was found that it is a fragment of a software code published in 2014 in a publication by the website Bivol (как-да-пресметнем-разпределението-на.html) for verification and calculation of the results of the parliamentary elections of 2013 and 2014 according to the methodology described in the Electoral Code.

The authors of this program are also mentioned, which, in their opinion, was created according to the same principle as the software for computer processing of election results. The software code itself, subject of publications today and claiming to be part of communication in 2023, can be found again with authors cited also on the platform where open source systems are published for free use (, with a last update date of 2017.

Beyond this clear factuality, which categorically proves that the mentioned signal to the media is an attempt to manipulate the public opinion on the election day, by instilling tension and doubt in the electoral process, we must underline that Information Services has been processing the results of various elections in Bulgaria for over 20 years, guided by absolute professionalism and principle, aware of the great responsibility of the company as part of the process of conducting fair and democratic elections.

We will not allow ourselves to be involved in attempts to discredit the elections.