On 01.02.2024, Mediapool journalist Dragomir Nikolov sent questions to the Information Services, related to a public procurement for the development of an "Information System for Centralized Design and Maintenance of Registers (ISCIPR)". We publish the submitted questions and answers of Information Services.


Is there a conflict of interest with Mr. Dimitar Todorov, who is suing ORAK for a 1.15 million BGN contract under the PPA for a project that was later awarded directly to IS JSC without the PPA, with a similar volume of work, but for BGN 10.5 million, while Dimitar Todorov is already a representative of the state on the Board of Directors of IS JSC?

A project entitled "Centralized design, maintenance and digitization of registers kept by the administrative bodies, in accordance with the requirements of Art. 52a of the Electronic Government Act" was assigned to Information Services at the end of December 2023 with a request under Framework Contract No. Д-5/25.07.2022 signed with the Ministry of eGovernment.

The members of the Board of Directors do not participate in signing contracts for system integration and have no relation to the acceptance of requests for projects under these contracts.

Is the information that Mr. Dimitar Todorov was a partner in his office with the wife of the former acting minister of e-Governance Georgi Todorov - Mrs. Silvia Hristova Todorova - true?

From inquiries in the BULSTAT register and in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities (CRRNPLE), it is established that Mr. Dimitar Todorov is not and has not been a partner in commercial and civil companies. The registers are public and access to them is entirely free.

Why was the competition for the election of a representative of the state in the Board of Directors of IS JSC announced on 28.12.2023 with such short deadlines for submitting documents and preparing a written concept for the development of IS JSC?

The competition for the election of a representative of the state in the Board of Directors of Information Services has been announced by the Minister of e-Government, in accordance with the Public Enterprises Act and the Regulations for the Implementation of the Public Enterprises Act. It is important to note that Information Services and its employees, including the members of the Board of Directors, according to the Public Enterprises Act, have no relation to the procedures for selection of members.