Georgi Nedev started working at Information Services in 2020 as a software engineer. He leads technical teams for maintenance and development of information systems in the health sector. Focus of his work is the effective implementation of electronization in healthcare, upgrading of the current IT infrastructure and implementation of new processes and services.

He is an IT specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the design and building of large information systems. He has implemented a number of successful projects in the telecommunications, financial, insurance, legal and government sectors. Georgi has experience in leading large projects and teams, including international ones, implemented with multinational teams and environment.

He has multiple certifications in the fields of information technology, telecommunications and project management.

Among his competencies are the design and operation of information systems and large databases (Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, PostgreSQL NoSQL), software development and management of software teams and projects, Big Data, DWH/BI, CyberSecurity, NM/ML/ DL/AI technologies, Cloud services and infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), Fullstack technologies (Java EE, Spring, Angular, React, Django, ASP.NET), software architecture design (Monolithic, Client-Server, Microservices, MVC, SOA, Event-Driven, Component-Based, Peer-to-Peer).

Georgi specializes in new technologies use to build innovative IT solutions with a particular focus on high security and reliability (High Availability). He actively supports the OpenSource (FOSS) community as a participant in projects (OW2, JCP, Apache projects), events (OpenFest, How.Camp, FOSDEM,) and teams.

He has a master's degree in "Information Systems" awarded by the Technical University, Sofia.