Yulian has been working at Information Services since 2015, starting as Head of Business Development and Innovation. Since 2019, he has been Physical Infrastructure Manager.

He has more than 30 years of professional experience in computer technology, drafting hardware configurations and specifications, hardware sales and support, training and product presentations. He has been involved in the preparation of audit reports for a number of government organizations and numerous physical security related projects.

His professional career began in 1995. He specialized in server installation and configuration, server solutions support, design and construction of structured cable systems. He participated in the construction of one of the first Internet delivery canters in Bulgaria. In 2000, he started working at IBM Bulgaria, where he specialized in the field of personal computers, and later became Head of Department and Intel-based servers Product Manager, further developing experience with RISC-based servers and disk systems.

He has extensive knowledge related to PC, server and disk solutions, Data Centre support systems, etc. His professional interests are focused on new and innovative technologies in the field of information technology, computer systems and computing canters.

He holds a degree in Computing Engineering from the Technical University, Sofia.