In connection with the frequent statements of leaders of political parties related to the presence of observers in the premises of Information Services during the computer processing of data from the voting on 2 April 2023, we clarify the following:

Information Services fully supports the efforts of all participants in the electoral process to ensure maximum publicity and transparency during the computer processing of data in the polling station commissions and the Central Election Commission from the voting for MPs on 2 April 2023.

We would like to recall once again that the amendments to the Electoral Code of 2021 give all stakeholders, including candidates, advocates and representatives of parties, coalitions and initiative committees, observers and registered pollsters from a registered polling agency, and representatives of the mass media, the opportunity to be present during the handover and verification of the protocols of the polling station commissions, providing them with direct visibility, including through real-time video broadcasting. This ensures publicity and transparency of the process of reporting the voting results.

We strongly emphasize that Information Services will implement all decisions, instructions and requirements of the CEC aimed at ensuring fair and transparent elections.